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January 2020
Jan 17th
A trip to Tobormory and we managed to see and photo the long staying Nuthatch at the theatre. This evening we went for dinner with friends in Salen and saw a Barn Owl our friends have returned to the wild after it was injured. The Owl has lost the sight in one eye but is attracting the attention of another Barn Owl, perhaps it thinks it is being winked at. Dinner was great, the company great but I am certainly not used to such a late night and with Lucy wanting her breakfast little chance of a lie in.
NuthatchNuthatch in tree
Jan 16th
The weather remains bad although the weekend looks brighter. Pam braved the elements and took Lucy for a walk to the Croig turn and saw a flock of Long Tailed Tits. A Barn Owl was seen hunting the area where we have put the Barn Owl box up so that is a promising sign. Iwas able to get up to my water supply today, the first time since my fall and I hope to get some birding in tomorrow.
Jan 15th
There is good news and bad news, first the bad news I took a nasty fall yesterday when I slipped on some wet leaves and my left leg went backwards at great speed and I felt my thigh muscels go and thought I had torn them. The good news the thigh is badly bruised but not torn although quite painfull if Lucy jumps on it. More bad news the weather is still awfull with rain, gales thunder and lightening. The good news having a bad leg means I have a perfect excuse not to go out in the awfull weather, you see every cloud has a silver lining. On the bird front an Iceland Gull was reported on Loch Scridain today and leg permitting I will try and see if it is still about at the weekend.
Jan 14th
A day similar to yesterday with the only difference add hail and snow showers, at least it's more like Winter now. Still its a very good day for spring cleaning the self-catering cottages. This winter we have had Inch Hame redecorated throughout, I (Pam) have been busy making new curtains and brightening it all up and we look forward to our guests coming to enjoy their stay with us. 
Jan 13th
I had to go to Salen today and thought I might get in a spot of birding but gale force winds and driving rain soon put an end to that. Even using the van as a hide still did not help as the sea was just a mass of waves and white water.
Jan 12th
Today was windy and showery, no change there then and as we were expecting visitors but did not know when we were hampered somewhat on what we could do, so between the showers we managed to take Lucy for a walk arriving home just before the heavens opened. On the walk we saw a Buzzard and Kestrel, the Kestrel being my first on Mull this year so I was quite pleased. Back home I took a couple of photos of bird in the garden, including one of Chaffinches feeding on the floor under one of our feeders, there are over 35 birds in the photo, there were more in the tree which the feeders hang from, another two feeders in other parts of the garden with as many chaffinches in and around them and yet we still get quiries about the number of Chaffinches I put on the BTO weekly garden bird count. I put 100+ Chaffinches which is a very low estimate but have you ever tried to count in and around 3 feeders at the same time. Once we had friends staying and conted 4 seperate parts of the garden at the same time and the count when added together was 160 Chaffinches. This week the Goldfinch count was 24 and the Greenfinch 16, with Siskin numbers rising each day my bird feed bill is astonomical.
Chaffinches in the gardenGreenfinch on feeder
Jan 11th
As predicted it rained all day and although it has not flooded yet it is still very wet with water everwhere, check out the photos.
Water under the bridgeArdrioch burn in spate
Bellart river at Dervaig
Jan 10th
The day began not to bad weatherwise but in the afternoon the wind got up and the rain started and as I write this 18 hours after the rain started it is still raining although the wind has dropped a little, there could be some watery photos on tomorrows blog. Back to today and Long Tailed Tits, a large flock in the woods on the farm was a great start to the day, I managed to get Pam to see them but they had moved to far away for a photo opportunity. Whilst the weather held this morning I went with my friend and neighbour Nick to put up a new Barn Owl box in the tree in the field opposite the electric sub-station on the Calgary road just a mile out of Dervaig. The original box which had been used for several years had produced around a dozen fledged chicks over the years. The Isle of Mull Bird club had provided the box so we put it up in the same tree as the original box so that it could be viewed at a safe distance from the road to avoid disturbance if Barn Owls choose to use it.
Barn owl box in situeBarn owl box at west ardhu
Jan 9th
A lovely cool, bright January day so we went out birding and had a lovely day, the highlights of which were, Black Throated Diver, Great Northern Divers and A White-tailed Sea Eagle near Crainure from the golf course 8th green. Ringed Plover and Turnstone at Garmony and a Golden Eagle on a hill over Loch Spelve. We looked for but did not see the kingfisher at Loch Don bridge but did see a Buzzard there. I took a photo of mist in front of the trees going through the Glen from Dervaig to Salen nearer the Salen end. At Aros Bay under the castle was a Bar-tailed Godwit and at the Salen end a Whimbrel.
Mist over Glen Aros
Jan 8th 
Little improvment in the weather still wet and windy although it became drier as the day went on. In the morning we worked on some chairs we have aquired from our son and Pam is going to reapolster them but first we have to take the old seat bases off, that's where my distructive gene come in handy, pliers and hammer, man that's me. Before lunch we went with my mate Nick to look at sights for the new Barn Owl boxes that we are going to put up soon, both will be local to Ardrioch, Pam saw a White-tail Sea Eagle and a female Hen Harrier hunting the area where the Barn Owl box is going on her return from a walk with Lucy. This afternoon we went to Cailaich Point and saw Gannets, kittiwakes and a female Sparrowhawk.
Jan 7th
This morning when I got up it was still (Black is Black - Los Bravos) or maybe we are on the (Darkside of the Moon - Pink Floyd) we are certainly on the (Darkside of the World - Diana Ross). I hope the weather doesn't try to (Keep it Dark - Genesis) I am certainly not (Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springstein) but hope to soon be (Coming out of the Dark - Gloria Estefan). As well as dark it is still very (Windy - The Association) it is not unusual to get (Winter Winds - Mumford and Son) on Mull and the birds are all flying with the (Wind beneath their Wings - Bette Midler). The birds are in fact trying to (Reap the Wild Wind - Ultravox) as it is a very mild (Mistral Wind - Heart). When will this weather stop? I ask myself, well I suppose the answer is (Blowing in the Wind - Bob Dylan).
Jan 6th
Much ado without nothing, another driech wet windy day, just a few outside chores and put my feet up listening to my new music. Oh the joy of retirement. The rain stopped for an hour so I went out with Lucy to investgate tree sightings for the new Barn owl Boxes.
Jan 5th
A driech wet and windy day and I eventually went for a trip out  and although I did not see anything really exciting I did see some decent stuff including the Hebridean Sheep on a mound with a tree as the backdrop. I took a photo of them, trying to be a bit arty for me. Other birds seen were 6 Bar-tailed Godwits, a Turnstone flying with Teal at the Salmon Hatchery and a flock of Ringed Plover at Killiechronan. I had a brief view of an Otter but lost it in rough water and I took lots of photos most of which were rubbish which is why I did not make a career out of photography. With the arrival of a House Sparrow bird species regularly seen in the garden in 2020 has now reached 13.
Shelduck KilliechronanMallards at Lagganulva
Hebridean Sheep with treeHebridean sheep
Jan 4th
Brambling and Jack Snipe seen across the road towards Loch Cuin today, Pam also saw a Jay, I didn't. there were 14 Redwings in a local field and down by the Loch 2 Canada Geese associating with a much larger flock of Greylags. There were not many ducks about although Pam saw 2 Mallards, I didn't, I did however see 2 Goldeneyes and a single female Goosander, and at least 6 Little Grebes. Waders seen today were 4 Redshank, 2 Greenshank, Curlews and Oystercatchers in good numbers and 5 Snipe. At Loch Cuin this morning I saw an Otter and on my way home 4 Red Deer.
Robin with Chaffinches on feeder trayGoldfinch in garden
Robin on feeder traySiskin on feeder in garden
Jan 3rd
We returned home from our Christmas Travels yesterday and today the first bird we saw in the garden was a Treecreeper, not a bad start to my 2020 Mull and Iona bird list. After I had refilled the bird feeders the birds returned throughout the day with zillions of Chaffinches, loads of Goldfinches, lots of Greenfinches and these were joined by Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Lesser Redpolls, Siskins, Dunocks, Robins and Blackbirds. As the day drew on the Rock Doves started to appear, I don't know how they know when we get back home but they do, they must have spies.


December 2019
Dec 12th to 17th
You might have noticed the none appearance of the Hen Harrier photo which could have won prizes (not) but some numpty forgot to save it or if he did it is so well hidden nobody (Pam) can find it. Not much birding in the last few days as the weather has not been too kind and I have been enjoying myself on the delights of such things as cleaning out gutters, voting in elections and making sure that the water system keeps working as all the rain keeps bringing more leaves down to block up the filters. In the garden Siskins have returned in good numbers and Chaffinch numbers now total more than 100, we now have 14 species of birds in the garden daily and also Rabbits. We did do some birding today, the 17th, and the highlights being A Shelduck at Killiechronan, an early return for this species, MistleThrushes and Redwings.
Mistle Thrush with sheepSiskin on niger feeder in garden
Dec 11th
Today was the day we went for our flu jabs, tonight we are trying to decide which of us has the sorest arm, if Pam's is worse than mine it must be bl..dy sore. After the jab attack we went delivering Christmas cards and birding and the highlight was a male Hen Harrier just before we got to Ulva Ferry School I even managed a photo which for me and Hen Harriers is a bit of a novel experience. Other good sightings were 2 White Tailed Eagles, Grey Wagtail, Turnstones, Stonechat, Mistle Thrush and Dipper. Finally a lovely view of the top of Beinne More in a covering of snow.
Beinne More
stonechat killiechronanDipper Lagganulva

Dec 10th
Batten down the hatches, gale force winds and driving rain all day, so I stayed in and Pam cut my hair once we had charged up the machine.
Dec 9th
A good day weatherwise sandwiched between some dire days so I took the chance to get out and about. I was rewarded with a special sighting of a Velvet Scoter, which was later confirmed by Jaqui Murphy of (Enjoy Mull Wildlife Tours) please take pity on me and not laugh too much of my photo it was taken through the scope quite a distance away. Other notable birds included Turnstones and Teal although their photos ended on the cutting room floor. White-tailed Eagle, Otter though did make the cut... just. I had a lovely 4 hours and saw fifty bird and mammal species in total.
Velvet Scoter ArosOtter Killiechronan
WTSE Killiechronan
Dec 8th
Just a wee note about Whooper Swans which should have been in the last blog post, a large flock landed for a few hours on Loch Cuin, some of them visible from our kitchen window, about 7 I think, you could say there were 7 Swans a swimming. It is Pam's birthday today and last night our lovely friends and neighbours invited us for supper and games, I won't say the game wasn't easy to follow but I found some of the questions on only connect easier, great night.
Dec 1st to 7th inc
November was a great month for Mull weatherwise the first week week of December has returned to winter normality, gone are the crisp cool but sunny days to be replaced by driech wet and windy days, yuk. On a happier note I did finish the gardening between the showers as going out in the wet windy weather birding did not really appeal although we did try on a number of occasions without seeing a great deal. We went out for lunch at the Bellachroy at the start of the month and had a lovely meal with friends and later in the week a trip to the Isle of Mull Hotel at Craignure for the bird club Christmas dinner and had a good meal and a lot of laughs. I went out with friends on the 6th and we saw White-tailed Eagles, 2 Otters, Red and Fallow Deer and 3 Dippers. The Dippers were forced to come down to the burn and river estuaries as the were all in spate after heavy rains. The forecast for next week is not looking promising but I will try and get out and photograph some wildlife for my next post.
Nov 25th-30th inc
Just local birding between gardening except for one day trip down to Finnaphort on a very cold but still day. Near Finnaphort in a field and on telephone lines were more Jackdaws and Rooks than we have seen on Mull in a very long time, a bit of good news on the birding front for a change. At Fidden at least 100 Lapwings also a very good number and in a field on the way to Ardalanish beach a very large number of Golden Plover. In the day we had good sightings of 3 different Otters, several Red Deer and some Fallow Deer that walked in front of the car although the Mammal sighting of the day were number of Common Seals along Loch Scridain. Pam conted over 50 in the largest group but there were many more in smaller groups. Near the boathouse for Inch Kenneth were a good number of Barnacle Geese and we saw a Golden Eagle sitting on Eorsa. Waders included lots of Ringed Plovers and Turnstones at Loch Beg opposite the old Kinloch Hotel. Finally at Loch Pottie Tufted Ducks, Goldeneye and a single Whooper Swan.
Bsrnacle Geese Inch Kenneth boathouseOtter swimming
Common seals Loch Scridain skerries
Nov 24th
A wildlife watching morning with 52 birds and 5 mammals seen. The mammals seen were Otter, Red and Fallow Deer, Common and Grey Seals. The highlight of the birding had to be the pair of long Tailed Ducks in Lagganulva Bay, a most unexpected find, if I did emojies imagine smiley face and thumbs up. A mixed flock of Fieldfares and Redwings were nice to see as were the Lesser Redpoll associating with large flocks of Chaffinches and Goldfinches. 3 Lapwings and lots of Curlew in a field by Ulva School and Whimbrel at Salen were also good spots. In the garden a Great Spotted Woodpecker was present shortly after sunrise. Todays photo Red Breasted Mergansers at Lagganulva and Long-tail Ducks (taken in
Red breasted Merganzers Lagganulva BayLong-tail Duck 
Nov 23rd
A short trip out and about the highlight of which was a Golden Eagle at Calgary, there were 3 Great Northern Divers here as well and the long staying Black Throated Diver was still there. Snipe were amongst the waders seen at Dervaig with an unusually high count of 15 Little Grebe at the Dervaig end of Loch Cuin
Snipe at Dervaig
Nov 22nd
We had friends around tonight for a meal and a film show of our trip to Spitzbergen find below some of photos from the trip of birds (Pomerine Squa and Northern Fulmar) that can also be seen on Mull and Polar Bear and Arctic Fox.
Polar BearArtic fox
Pomerine SquaFulmar, Northern
Nov 21st
No birding today although I did see this Hooded Crow in our field and they are now turning up in the garden. I spent the day gardening in between putting my feet up, gardening has that effect on me.
Hooded Crow in our field
Nov 20th
Our van had to go to the garage at Salen for a brakes check  and I had to give blood and pick up meds from the doctors also in Salen so Pam and I decided to go and try to see the Loch Don Kingfisher whilst we were down in that area. After waiting around which was no great hardship as we spent some of the time watching a couple of female Hen Harriers hunting on the left side of the Grasspoint road just up from the bridge, we managed at last to see and get some photos of the Kingfisher with a catch in its bill. Another single Whooper Swan at Loch Don, Gorten end and to complete our morning a Dipper at Garmony.
Kingfisher in treeDipper Garmony
Kingfisher with fish
Nov 19th
A trip to Tobermory brought 2 surprises, firstly a single Whooper Swan on Loch Torr see photo and then no fuel at the garage the main reason for the trip. I took Pam to the Mull theatre to see the Nuthatch even though it was perishingly cold and the Nuthatch, for a laugh, kept us waiting for half an hour before it put in an appearance, I an shocked that I could hold the camera I was that cold. We did make the most of our journey to Tobermory with an exciting trip to the tip, we really know how to enjoy life.
Whooper Swan preeningNuthatch with nut 
Nov 18th
Birding locally this morning in great weather, yea... Gardening this afternoon too. The birding was not bad nor were the views in stunning weather, at Cailaich a Peregrine Falcon on top of a hill my photo got vetoed as it was pretty rubish. On my way out at the gate a Meadow Pipit and to my surprise a Grey Wagtail. On to Calgary and the Black Throated Diver was there with a single great Northern Diver I just got a photo through the scope of the Great Northern with a fish. Oystercatchers and Shags at Lainne Sguer and a few Ringed Plovers on the beach at Calgary. Back at Dervaig and the Common Scoter still present as were 2 Greenshank, 2 Redshank and a Snipe, an Ok morning now that gardening.
Shags and Oystercatchers at Lainne SguerShags Lainne Sguer
Great Northern Diver with fish CalgaryRedshank and Greenshank at Dervaig
Ardnamurchan and Eigg
Nov 17th
I decided to go birding this morning but did not get too far as I spotted a bird on Loch Cuin that although distant I thought looked a bit like a Red Necked Grebe ... it wasn't. After trying both sides of the Loch I eventually got close enough to realise it was a female Common Scoter, my first of the year and another bird which is not seen that often on Mull and I have never seen one on Loch Cuin before. The Treecreeper was back in the garden again this afternoon and so was the Great Spotted Woodpecker, more birds are returning to the garden now as other sources of food become harder to obtain. The first Common Scoter picture taken with the phone through the telescope by Pam as it is too technical for me to do.
Common Scoter PamCommon Scoter Arthur
Nov 16th
We put out a night camera trap which our lovely friends Pete and Jenny gave us when we retired and found that a Woodcock had visited the garden in the early evening. Yesterday my mate Nick kindly took a trailor load of scrap to the tip for me, I followed in the car to get a fill up and to go to the Mull theatre, not for a play but to see the Nuthatch which has been in the vicinity of the car park for three weeks. Thanks to Debbie who put out some peanuts on the bird table which allowed me to get some great views of this scarce visitor to Mull.
Woodcock night cameraWoodcock night camera 2
Nov 15th
I was cleaning a bedroom window yesterday when I found this little Pipperstrell Bat having a lovely sleep inside the opening window, he squeaked at me when I put him on the window sill for safty, probably feeling the cold a bit. After giving the window a good clean I moved him on the outside window sill to where he could crawl back inside again and it wasn't long before he'd dissapeared into the window again. Note to myself - don't open this window again until spring. Pam
Pipperstrell Bat
Nov 14th
this week I have been out on a couple of birding trips in variable weather conditions, once in drizzly rain and wind and once very cold with a lot less wind and on this trip Pam came with me with Lucy our dog. On the two trips White-tailed Eagles, Golden Eagles, Otters and Red Deer were seen although not all on the same day. The highlight for me was a Black Throated Diver in Calgary Bay and other highlights were to see Common Snipe back at Dervaig along with Ringed Plovers, Greenshank and Redshank. We had great views of a female Kestrel at Reudle near the Old Schoolhouse and Slavonian Grebe on Loch Na Keal. There are less birds than normal in our garden but we hope this improves as the Winter really gets going, we will just have to wait and see. We are having dinner parties at the moment and showing friends some of our photos from our holday to Spitzbergan and I will inlude one or two in following posts.
Grey Herons Killichronan Nov19Ringed Plover Dervaig
Fallow deer with sheep
Nov 5th
I took a trip around the North West of Mull yesterday and was quite dissapointed at the number of species that I saw with only 30 bird species seen in the day, this does not include the 11 species seen in our garden which is also down on previous years. I am not the only one who has noticed that species numbers are down as some of my neighbours have benn noticing less birds in their gardens as well. A friend from down in the South of England has also noted that birds are less prevalent, lets hope it is a blip and not a permanent trend. The three photos below are from my trip out.
Otter at Kellan
Gooseander at arosWigeon at Aros
Nov 1st
Arthur and I are now taking a well earned rest from work and family commitments. We are pleased to say that our daughter-in-law is now well on the way to recovery and planning to go back to work. Their daughter has now started the local school and the little boy is in the nursary attached to the school making life easier for the whole family and they now need time to themselves to get back to normal life. 
Arthur has been doing some jobs around the farm, working on his dam, mending fences and tidying the big shed, all jobs that have been put to one side when he was working. He has also been able to return the kindness to our neighbours by watering polly tunnels and feeding cats whilst they have been on holiday. He has taken a total break for a couple of months from bird watching but I'm sure he will be back to it soon when he will then resume writing his blog.
The last time I returned from Cheshire I brought back with me a large bag of material and have been making new curtains for my self-catering cottage which I am having decorated this winter and I have also been swimming in the sea whenever I can making up for the lost time in the summer.
As our regular readers can see I am in the prosess of making a new page for Arthurs blog and below you will find just the hightlights for 2019 which I will be putting in during the next couple of weeks. We are still keeping the old email address of if any of you wish to drop us a line, we'ed love to hear from you. 
31st Oct
We have been seeing large flocks of Fieldfare and Redwings at Ardrioch for a few days now, they have been feasting on the Rowen berries on our woodland, then a couple of days ago they came onto the tree right infront of our kitchen wndow which although it was laden with berries there were so many of them they stripped it in 2 days, on the 3rd day they came back and cleaned up all the berries that had fallen on the ground. The trees are now completly bare and the flocks have moved on, maybe you will see them in a few weeks time!
Redwing and Fieldfare flockFieldfare and Redwing
Fieldfare in the gardenRedwing in garden
Aug 14th
Out and about early again this morning and there is still not a lot about although for those planning on coming to Mull I did see an otter today and I wasn't even trying. My sighting of the day was by the Killiechronan campsite where a flock of at least 70 Ringed Plover flew in to feast as the tide went out, they were joined by a few Dunlin. The Autumn flowers are out in abundance now with Grass Of Parnasus seen as well as the Bell Heather and Ling. On my way home I was able to photograph the Goosanders on Loch Cuin, they would be some of the same ones we saw when out walking with Lucy on Moday.
Grass of ParnassasLing Bell Heather aug19
Aug 12th
This morning I went out early  in lovely weather, light breeze, sunshine, 4 degrees centigrade, I was wearing thermols for goodness sake, talk about climate change. Being out and about on Mull in such calm conditions was wonderfull and the views even more so, with Coll and Tiree looking resplendent from Calgary Bay, I felt I could reach out and touch them. On the birding front the highlight of the morning had to be the flock of approximately 20 Twite seen at Cailaich Point, Kittiwakes, and Gannets here as well. There are lots of Meadow Pipits everywhere and Pam and I saw at least 12 Goosander on Loch Cuin and also 3 Greenshank. Red Deer and of course Rabbits were the Mammals seen but really it was just being back on Mull that was the real highlight of my morning. This afternoon once again the weather has intervened, I was supposed to be mowing lawns but it is pouring down, the suns still shining though.

Curlew Loch CuinRed Deer Cailaich
Scotch ArgusKittiwake Cailiach
July 20th
Last night we had a retirement party at the Hebridean Lodge for our friends and all the people who have helped us with Discover Mull Tours. Helen, our host at the Hebridean Lodge did us proud, the food was amazing and more than enough for at least another half dozen guests, many thanks Helen from us both. The harp was played by Becky Roth, one of Pam's swimming buddies and was absolutely beautiful, many thanks Becky for adding a touch of class to the evening. Thanks go to everyone at the party for all your help you all know what you did, but you cannot know how much we appreciate all your love and friendship, We hope that last night showed how much we value everything you have done for us.
On a birdy note one of our neighbours died earlier in the year and he used to feed the Rock Doves which meant we shared this chore, now I feel we are feeding all the Rock Doves on Mull in our garden as well as all the Chaffinches.
Retirement PartyBecky & harp
July 18th
The second day of our retirement and we went out in Nick and Mikes new boat which spent the winter in my shed. It was lovely day weatherwise and we saw lots of great wildlife, mainly seabirds. Puffins, Razorbills, Guilliemots, Black Guilliemots, Shags, Cormorants, Gannets, Manx Shearwaters, Kittiwakes, Herring Gulls, Great Black Backed Gulls, Grey Herons, Oystercatchers and a White-tailed Eagle sitting on an Island. Both types of Seal were seen and now there are lots of baby Common Seals are out and about with their mothers. The main purpose of the trip however was to do some sea fishing and Pam caught a good sized Pollock with her very first cast. Pam obviouly has a penchant for fishing as she caught by far the most fish on the day although Nick caught the biggest. A wonderful day was had by all and Pam and I would like to thank Nick and Catherine for giving us such a great day out and a fishing lesson, we could be eating fish for some time as Pam is now preparing the catch for the freezer.
Gone fishing Kittiewake flyingGone fishing Kittiewake sitting

Gone fishing Kittiewake eatingGone fishing gannet
July 16th
We have now retired from doing Discover Mull wildlife tours and would like to take this opportunity to thank all our guests for their support over the past 18 years and the kindness of guests who have sent us cards and best wishes on our retirement. Pam has been away for most of the Spring as a close family member was diagnosed with very bad cancer just after Easter and so we decided to only do tours which were already booked and to that end we must thank our friends and neighbours who have helped both with the tours and the self-catering whilst Pam was away. The news now is more positive and Pam was back for our last tour and we will be having a celebration party for both our retirement and 46th wedding anniversary later this week. Many guests have kindly told me how much they have liked my blog and how much they had missed it in the last few months so I have decided to continue to do a blog about what Pam and I are up to and wildlife happenings on Mull although it probably won't be done daily. Photo's taken of our final tour, we had a great day out.
Final tour with guestsFinal tour Pam & Arthur
May 3rd
A tour today in cool windy conditions with both types of Eagles seen well, a brief Otter sighting, both Fallow and Red Deer and both types of Seal. Whinchat and Dunlin were seen which were two birds Sue one of my guests really wanted to see. The Highland Cows and calves were a highlight for some of my guests as was the lovely Bluebell wood.
Bluebell woodWTSE
May 2nd
A lovely day for a tour although it got a bit colder later in the day. We saw several Golden Eagles and White-tailed Sea Eagles in one location they were flying together and interacting giving my guests a great chance to see the differences between the two species. 2 seperate Otters were also seen although one was quite distant. My guests enjoyed seeing the new migrant and passage birds including Whimbrel, see photo below, Wheatear and Common Sandpipers appearing everywere and we now have more Whinchats joining their resident cousins the Stonechat. Finally Willow Warblers, we don't see many but they certainly let you know they are there with their constant singing.
May 1st
A trip with Pam and Lucy to Iona to try and see a Corncrake, they should have started to arrive but nobody had reported any so it was a bit of a shot in dark. On our way across to Iona on the ferry Pam spotted a couple of Common Terns, my first of the year and the first reported on Mull this year. On Iona no sound of Corncrake near the Abbey or around the fire station so we decided to go to the beaches on the north of the island. On our walk we saw lots of little birds including Skylarks, Meadow Pipits, Wheatear and Linnet as well as Rooks and Jackdaws. At the gate at the end of the road Pam thought she had heard a Corncrake, I on the other hand hadn't and as I have better hearing we went on. Then we both heard the distinct sound of a Corncrake and the rest as they say is history, check out the photigraphs. Another Mull first for Pam and I this year, we were really pleased and then a Merlin appeared chasing small birds another Arthur first of the year, the day was going spectacularly well.On our way back to the ferry we saw a pair of Twite a first for Pam this year and on our way back to Ardrioch we found a Tree Pipit a bird that had been eluding us this last week and Pam at last got her Common Whitethroat. Lastly Lucy loved her time on Iona, not sure about the ferry journey though.
CorncrakeCorncrake 2
Pam and Lucy leaving Iona on ferrySkylark Iona

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